Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Yesterday's post on Anger is interesting

Anger is a strong emotion and one that I can no longer process logically.   My emotions overwhelm me and I am consumed by the anger instead of the topic that made me angry.  I realize it is because of my LBD but that does not help me accept what happens.  Sometime ago, I had a similar issue when I was angry over an individuals treatment of me and I exploded!  I very nerdy got into a fist fight that may have escalated.  But, my dear Wife stepped in from of me and forced me to calm down by redirecting my anger.  She did the same thing yesterday, but getting me to write my post.

The issue I was angry about is still a point of contention for me and I believe Azalea Trace did wrong and I intend to pursue this as far as I have to to set this strait!  But, I am more calm and less emotional now and I can see the facts more clearly.  Therefore, I can now use logic to defeat the wrongdoing.

This is why I need to be in a calm surrounding without confrontation.

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