Sunday, October 2, 2016

Things that aggravate me

First of all, I am a Constitutionalists.  I believe our Constitution was written by very smart men that lived under a totalitarian government and never wanted to do that again!   They wrote our Constitution to stand on it's own, without the intervention or interpretation of a bunch of pinheaded academia that have their own agenda in mind.  I am not ashamed of my Conservative Constitutionalists position and I will express it if the situation presents itself.  I do not condemn, berate, or talk down to American Citizens who hold another view, as long as they are respectful to me.   They have the same right to their opinion as I do to mine and they can vote their conscience as I do.

That being said, I was in the take out line here in the retirement community that I live in.  One of the staff mentioned he had been called for Federal Jury duty after serving on a State jury earlier in the year.   I told him I never have been called for Jury duty.  Maybe because I am a Life Member of the NRA and a Life Member of the John Birch Society!  The lady sitting next to me, told me, very quietly; "Don't let anyone here know you are a Conservative!  Someone might try to kill you!!"  I replied; " No one her is capable of killing me!" And I left it at that.  But, I have experienced this type of treatment here, before and so has my Wife, another NRA Life Member!

But, the incident has upset me and reinforced my opinion that the vat majority of the people that live here are left wing, socialists, that believe the Government's responsibility is to care for them and suppress anyone who disagrees with them.

So, you can see why I am aggravated and questioning the wisdom of spending $250K to live here plus $4k per month.

I have never threatened someone who disagrees with me.  I am a peaceful man by nature and I try very hard to live by the Eleventh Commandment, given by Christ before he was betrayed.  He said: "Love one another, that is how others will know you are my followers, if you Love one another."  But, I am not going to subject myself or my Wife to aggression, veiled or otherwise.  And, I know a warning when I hear one and I have taken this seriously.

How do I connect this to my LBD?   Before LBD, I had the ability to brush off fools.  I could filter my emotions and keep my cool.   I have walked away from more than one fool that threatened me and forgot them all together!  But now, the incident and the words burn into my emotions and keep me agitated.  That is what I hate.  

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