Thursday, October 20, 2016

Being with other Dementia warriors

I have written before about the group we started here at Azalea Trace.  It is a group of Dementia patients that get together every Thursday.  We discuss our symptoms, our problems, our victories, and our lives.  Normally, there are no caregivers there, just us!

The group is wonderful in that, although all of us have a different form of Dementia, we are all ONE in our fight against the disease that is taking our individuality away.  We are accepting of one another's issues and patient with each other as we discuss issues that effect us.

Yes, sometimes we repeat stories and problems.  So what!  We are there for each other and we have all the time we need to make sure each of us is herd and each issue is addressed.

Some other folks in the community have Dementia of one form or another, yet they wish to remain anonymous.  I guess they believe no one will know they have Dementia if they do not tell them!  I equated one admitting they have Dementia to the phrase; "Coming out of the closet".   Someone said, for the Dementia patient, "that closet door was never fully closed!"  

You cannot hide Dementia.  I believe being together, just one hour a week helps us cope with our Dementia journey because, for that hour, we do not have to pretend to be "normal" or try to hide our symptoms.  Instead we share our journey and gain strength from each other.

I hope more will join us.  For their sake and ours.


  1. You are so right the more people who acknowledge that they have Lewy Body Dementia will help to show the need to increase research to find a cure and medications that will help us all. Keep fighting and keep writing my friend

  2. Silverfox I have come to rely on your posts to help me better care for my husband. Sharing what causes your distress or anxiety allows me to understand better what Dave is experiencing and how to avoid furthering his frustration. You are a very important person in teaching me to be able to go with what is happening rather than making a big issue out it. I thank you for your insight and for being open enough to help others.

  3. Silver fox, I just came across your blog and excited to read your postings, thank you!
    I'm in early stage of LBD, lots of different things happening to me, either from LBD or other issues. Most effected right now is my cognitive and executive functions. Once again thank you for sharing.