Monday, October 24, 2016

Azalea Trace has angered me again!

Living in a retirement community requires some consideration for others emotions and feelings.  I respect that and I know I can be abrasive sometimes.  So, I have made a concerted effort to be politically correct.   And trust me, that is a real effort on my part.  I have made no political comments during this Presidential season, and have only replied when someone in a social gathering I am in has made comments I found offensive.  And then, only replied with facts and not emotions or flame spraying.

Today, however, Azalea Trace, and ACTS Retirement, have stepped over the bounds of political neutrality and common decency.  Not to mention, they have most likely violated their 501© Tax Free status.

How, they have permitted a Hillary Political rally to be held in out Auditorium.  Now, to be fair, in magic marker, over the Political sign is "Private Party".  But, the HRC political emblem is on the sign!!  I have the photos of the sign!!

I have not posted a Trump sign or even a Trump bumper sticker.  Why, because I do not want to offend anyone in our very closed community and sow the seeds of division.

Another resident, who will go nameless, talked to our acting Executive Director, who is also the Southern Region Vice President, and was told they checked with the Lawyers and all was on the up and up.  Well, I disagree.

If, those hosting the "private party" did not pay for the use of OUR auditorium, then Azalea Trace and ACTS Inc. made a political contribution to the Hillary Campaign, in violation of their 501 © tax free status.

Azalea Trace should be a politically free zone.  Politics, especially this year, are a very emotional subject.  And emotions run deep in a small community.  I am very, very aggravated to the point of reporting this to the IRS, and possibly looking for another place to live.

I tried to talk to the Executive Director but he is not in, and I cannot find the number two or three persons.  Curious?!

I challenge Acts Corporate to reply to this subject.  I am not the  only individual upset by this issue.

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