Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Another thing

Many things upset me and send me into anger and depression.  Politics, the direction our Nation has taken, the lack of morality in out society, how people treat me, things and events from my past, and my miniature poodles peeing on the floor!!

My Wife is at Bible Study Fellowship.  I get two mornings a week alone, to do what I want.  Today, I was doing some ironing I wanted and needed to do.  Marcel stopped me and told me he needed to go out.  No problem.  Sherry, Marcel and I went out and they did their business.  I went back to ironing, something I actually enjoy, and when I was done, about 20 minutes or so after taking them out, I walked barefooted through a new puddle of pee!!

I realize both poodles are old and infirm.  I love Marcel and I have become close to Sherie since we rescued her and nursed her back to health 3 years ago, but I am tire of cleaning up dog waste!  Mostly it is Sherie, who is over 15 and has Congestive Heart Disease and Degenerative Bone disease in her lower spine.  She cannot help her accidents.   Marcel, who is almost 14 has some bladder control issues also.  He has Hypothyroidism and Congestive Heart Failure.  They both take meds for they conditions, which add to the bladder issues.

The truth is, I am overwhelmed with cleaning up after them and walking them 10 times a day.  I hate getting eaten by mosquitoes during the night walks.  And they have gotten expensive due to they medical conditions.  But the real issue is, the make me angry when they pee and poop on the floor!!

I believe, as hard as it will be, that it is time for them to be euthanized.  I will miss both of them, but I do not need to be aggravated by something I can control, but eliminating it from my life.

I will miss Marcel terribly.  He is my "Velcro Puppy"!  But, it is time.  But, when?  Today, tomorrow, Saturday?  We will see.

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  1. Praying for you to have peace as you make this difficult decision. Your pets are blessed to have lived in your home!