Tuesday, September 20, 2016

It is difficult to organize my thoughts!

I am having more and more difficulty organizing my thoughts.  Of course, this negatively impacts my ability to write this blog.  Never the less, I have issues that are important that I want to discuss.  Like this issue!

I have had a number of issues I wanted to post about, but either I cannot express them or I forget them while I am trying to compose the post.  I am even having issues writing this post because I have many different thoughts bouncing around in my mind, all conflicting with my thought process.  It seems the LBD has taken away my ability to select a single topic and express it.

In the beginning of my LBD journey, the Neurologist told me my Executive Function was broken.  If it was broken then, it is missing now!

This never ending collision of different topics, issues, storied, experiences, and dreams makes writing and communicating in general, a difficult proposition.

It also makes decision making all but impossible.  Think about this;  If I want to ass 2 plus 2 in my mind, before i come up with the answer, a thousands issues related to the number 2 in any form, the addition process, and anything  else that lives in my brain, collide with my thought process.  For instance, I has how many addresses with the number 2 in them, I had a 2 year extension in the Navy when I was on my first enlistment, how may people do I know who had two kids, what were their names, we used to have 2 cars, We had 2 car payments a couple of times, I used to have a 2 cylinder motorcycle, I wish I had another motorcycle, I don't even drive anymore!  See how this can impact a simple addition equation?!

It is like that in my mind, all the time!  It effects everything I do or think about.  This mental confusion and overload makes everything in my life more difficult and frustrating.  Not to mention, that is makes learning anything new or coming up with a logical conclusion or decision all but impossible.

LBD is no longer interesting, it is frightening.


  1. This information is an excellent description that so many can learn from for years to come. The words of your LBD life experiences are so important. Until there is a cure found we can all learn from you.

  2. How are you doing? I've been missing your posts.