Friday, August 26, 2016

Why should I do it?!

My Wife and I would like Azalea Trace to start a Dementia Patients Support Group.  They have a Caregivers Support Group facilitated by Covenant Care that covers all caregivers.  But, I recommended to Management a Support Group for those with Dementia to help us share experiences of the journey that will help each other deal with early and mid level Dementia.  I also recommended tours of Assisted Living and Skilled Care including meals in those facilities, and tours of the rooms and even day stays in these areas to get us accustomed to the facilities so that when we HAVE to move, it is not a shock to us!

A recent article in "Neurology Now" discusses Alzheimer's Cafe" that provide a place for Alzheimer's Patients to meet, without the worry of trying to be "Normal".  My idea of the "Support Group" is similar.  But, management has not moves on this and my Wife has pushed me to start the group on our own.   I have two Dementia patients ready to meet, but we have received some PUSH BACK from the established resident representative.

My question is, why do I have to organize this group?  If Azalea Trace's organizational goal is to be the BEST, then I would think they would have already read the article I quoted and They would be setting this group up!  Not to mention that my Wife and I told the Executive Director, Nursing Director, and Staff Chaplain about my idea, over three months ago, with NO action!   They all said it was a good idea, but no one took action.

So, I am dragging my feet because I do not want the pressure of setting this up and getting frowned at by some "Normal" residents.  And, I do not want to be in charge of this group.  I want the benefit and not the lead!  I am the patient here!!  Not the Doctor, Psychologist, or caregiver.  I need the help!!  So, here I am.  Without a Support Group and under the gun!!



  1. What's to say you can't invite people to your home or any other gathering place for a visit?

  2. I agree--there is a real need for this kind of group. I too have LBD ( and also live in Pensacola), but I don't have the energy to put anything like this together.