Monday, August 22, 2016

The right to be the way I am

I read an article in "Neurology Now" about communities and Memory Care facilities setting up areas for Dementia patients to socialize where they do not have to feel embarrassed or self-conscience of the disabilities they are experiencing.  I thought, what a great idea.  A place where I can be the way I am, without embarrassment or retribution!!

Forgetting words, loosing thoughts, forgetting names, and even getting sleepy, when I am in a discussion is embarrassing!!  I used to be know in the Gunner's Mate community as a person with near total recall.  Now, I forget my Wife's name!!   And that IS embarrassing.

The other embarrassing thing is having my memory work perfectly when I am with people that know I have LBD!  Yes, that IS embarrassing because it makes them say; "See, there's nothing wrong with you!!"  And then I am on the defense about my diagnosis.

I would love a place that permitted me to be me!  Me with all my issues, foibles, and faults.  To be free to be the way I am with no fear of someone's indignation or judgement.  And trust me, people DO JUDGE ME!!  I have heard, too many times; You don't have dementia!  

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