Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Staying home is best

We had to go out today, to visit a friend in the hospital.  Then we had to go to the FEDEX store.  Then, my Wife wanted to explore some more Pensacola streets.  The traffic congestion, crazy drivers, mixed with my vision issues and endless searches for a Post Office that is no where close to where the Internet says it is, a typical issue here in East Lower Alabama, I was angry, grouchy, jumpy, and ready to scream!!

I have found before our trip and DEFINITELY after the trip, that I need to stay in my cocoon at home.  I do OK going to the Commissary on the Azalea bus on Friday. The inside of the bus is familiar, I am with people I know, and I recognize the Commissary when I get off the bus.  The driver is a caring gentleman that is friendly. So, those outings go pretty well.

I just need to feel safe, in familiar surroundings, and not rushed, to be on my best behavior.   Riding in the car, with cars seemingly so close I can touch them, is more that I can or want to deal with anymore.  If you are the caregiver of a Dementia patient, this may explain some of his/her issues.

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