Friday, August 12, 2016

Please QUIT saying I am "High Functioning"!!

People close to me say I am still "High Functioning".  They say I do not look like I have dementia.  They even say only I know I have LBD!  Nothing could make me more angry!!

I applied for and was granted a "Disability" retirement from Civil Service because I could no longer remember how to do my job!  Social Security granted me "Disability" retirement.  At NO TIME did I use an attorney to fill out any of these forms or applications.  I filled them out, had my Neurologist fill out the medical issues and submitted them!!  They were approved, first time in!

Look folks, I have Lewy Body Dementia, ad I will no get any better, any time!!  And just because YOU can't seal with my condition does not mean I do not have it!!

Please give me the common courtesy to admit I am ill and in a diminished state.  I am sick and tired of trying to hold myself up to your expectations!!  If you cannot accept my condition, then leave me alone!!  You "Rose Colored" assessment of m medical condition is neither wanted or correct.

Just leave me alone!  And stop trying to make me feel better.  It only upsets me, as you should be able to see.

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