Thursday, August 11, 2016

Neurologist's visit

I had my six month visit with my Neurologist today.  I like my Neurologist.  He cares!  But I was surprised today because I was greeted by a Nurse Practitioner.  She was informed, up to date on LBD and she cared!  Both Linda an I were impressed!

These visits are a maintenance requirement.  Much like oil changes for a new car.  I need to be seen by the Neurologist  to continue my drugs, which have slowed the progression of my memory loss.  However, those drugs are loosing their power and things have progressed, as I have written before.  Also, my physical issues have continued to get worse.   The Nurse Practitioner did may of the familiar physical checks, and I noticed my strength diminishing.   As I said, she is good.

I also provided my usual list of symptoms, problems, and things that have become worse.  I believe this helps the Doctor help me and in this case, it was very good.  She read my list before coming into the room and was ready to ask me questions.  This helped my appointment be more productive.  But, that is a relative statement.   What can be done that has not been done before.   I am a science experiment and I accept that.

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