Thursday, August 4, 2016

I have a new caregiver, of sorts

I have recently developed a feeling, or a belief, that there is another woman that comes to our apartment and has authority over me.  This new woman is never really here but I have the perception she was JUST here.  I usually have this perception when I am going to sleep and in that awake or nearly asleep area of my mind.

This perception is much like me spending half my day trying to mentally complete a project that came to me in my sleep.  normally, it takes most of my waking day to realize I am trying to complete something I dream about.  The dream is not always readily apparent to me so the project becomes VERY REAL! 

That is how this new authoritarian woman is.

I still have my "projects" that I can never quite get the handle on.  They frustrate me and make me feel like I am not doing enough.  But this new "Woman" issue is very upsetting for me and my Wife.  I wonder how this will play out?

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