Tuesday, July 5, 2016

I continually learn more about LBD

Today at lunch, I choked and aspirated.  It was a minor event and I got through it.  I also had a very heavy feeling in my chest, like my esophagus was clogged.  This frightened me and I started to look for an answer.

One of the other bloggers had the answer.  In their posts, I saw the word "Dysphagia".  I did some research on that word and "Bingo"  I had the answer.  Chocking, unable to control food or saliva in my mouth, heavy feeling in my throat, aspirating, all things I have and have had for a while.  So now I know.

I have an appointment with my Neurologist sometime this summer so I will bring this up to him.   Since this is a later term LBD issue, it fits with the position my wife and I believe I am at in the progression of this disease.

This is a degenerative, neurological disease that leads to death.  I will not get better, only worse.  Everyone should know that.  I do.

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