Tuesday, June 14, 2016

When I realized that dreams and plans were unattainable

My Wife and I love to watch the many "Tiny House" shows on the cable channels.    Living "Small" appear;s to both of us and we decided to go look at some "Park Model" trailers in a beach town close to us.  It was a good idea to take a "Day Trip".

When we got there easily and we were impressed with the Park they were in and the new models.  Today's Park Model is 14 feet wide unlike the 8 foot wide predecessors.  And at 40 x 14 feet, they can be quite big and roomy, yet only 500 or so square feet of interior space.

We fell in love with one and spent some time with the sales agent pricing a model that would meet our desires.  We did not sign anything and spent the ride home trying to decide what to do.  I was having a very good day as far as the effects of LBD.  So, my thoughts ran towards leaving Azalea Trace and living in that Park Model Tiny House.   Even my Wife was becoming intrigued by this new adventure.

The next day we were busy at home and the events of that day took their toll on me.  I was agitated, mentally in a fog, and unstable in my gate.  My Wife and I were shocked back into our reality!   I am not going to get better, only worse, and living anywhere other than a Continuing Care Community is fantasy!

This is not the first time we looked at Park Models and I have wanted that life style for a very long time.  But, my Wife had reservations because of the rules that applied to these Parks in Virginia.  Mind you, the rules were not ever enforced!   But this was the first time she was almost ready to write a check.  But, reality got in the way of my dreams again.

There are many other dreams and plans that have now become permanently out of reach, like me owning a Corvette, a new pickup truck, or a cement home on a large piece of property.  All of these and some I can't remember are now forever unattainable.

LBD is much more than a debilitating, progressive, degenerative, neurological disease.  It is a killer of dreams, plans, and happiness.

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