Wednesday, June 15, 2016

My neurologist called me...

Two days ago, my Neurologist called us and told us he had received information that lead him to change my dosage of Nortriptolene to 25mg or less vice the 50 mg he had me on.  He did not tell me why, but he cared enough to call me at home and inform me of an issue in my treatment!  He has won my trust and admiration.

However, we do not have any Nortriptolene pills less than 50mg.  So, two days ago I quit taking Nortriptolene, COLD TURKEY!  

So far, no big deal.  I looked up on the INTERNET and I learned Nortriptolene says in your system for 6-21 days based on how long you took it and how much your dosage was.

I have wanted off this drug for a while, so I am probably not going to go back on it when we do get the new prescription.  I can be stubborn sometimes.  

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