Thursday, June 30, 2016

How I am treated by others

I just had a discussion about my perceptions on how others treat me.  I truly did not want to have that conversation and I did not go as far as I want or need too, because I do not want an argument.  It is not healthy for me to get aggravated to angry.  Trust me.  But her point is others do not see me as I do or as she now does.  OK, I am will ing to admit that most people are self-centered, blind, idiots!

If I tell you I have LBD, and I take all the Alzheimer's drugs at a BIG cost, don't you think I have LBD.  And if you knew me before you would know I would NEVER give up my driving privileges willingly.  Nor would I sit around with nothing t do and be happy.  Nor would I take 4 hours naps followed by going to bed at 7 PM on a regular basis.  I used to be energized by crowds and now, I cannot stand to be with more than a few people at once. Would I use a cane?  How about falling down.   Every thing about me has changed!  And people that know me think I am faking this disease!!

When I tell people about my symptoms they tell me they have the same issues, but stye are worse than mine!!  OK, where is your Doctor's prescription for Named, Arecept, Razadyne, Effexor, and other psychotropic drugs?  Look folks, this is  not a rash.  It is a degenerative, neurological, disease that is killing me!!

No, I am angry about the manner than people treat me.  I understand it is part of my disease to have these issues.  But, no one else seems to understand me.  Maybe they just do not care.  And by the way, I wanted to interject some strong Navy Master Chief language into this post.  But, I didn't.  Lucky for you.

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