Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A virtual tour of Dementia

Covenant Care here in Pensacola is holding a Virtual Dementia Tour, for caregivers and relatives of Dementia Patients.   Their telephone number is 850 202 0928.  The contact person is  Audrey Wippler.

The reasons I bring this up are multiple.  First of all, no one, except us who have Dementia, know what it is like.  I try to relate m experiences to those who read this blog.  But, even my attempts miss the mark.  Second, doing something in the virtual world should appear more real to the person and therefore more shocking.  And that is what Dementia is to the perception of the Dementia patient, shocking!!

My wife is signed up for one of the experiences.  I hope others close to me will sign up too.  And I hope this experience will be made available in other cities.  After all, if it is available in a backwoods, hick town like Pensacola, a big city like Virginia Beach should have it also!!  Did I tell you I hate Pensacola?

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  1. I did the virtual tour here in Georgia a few weeks ago. I must say it gave me a much better understanding of dementia. I experienced confusion and problems with my eyes, which really helps me understand what my husband try's to explain through his loss of words. As I wondered around trying to remember what I was told I was further distracted by the noises making it harder for me to focus. I would advise everyone to go through this experience. That said, Don, you are wonderful at being able to express and explain your experiences in a way that helps caregivers understand better. Don't let this illness convince you otherwise. You are still being used even in this trial. So remember you are still useful and needed. May God remind you of that constantly. You are in my thoughts daily.