Thursday, May 26, 2016

Things I like!

I often complain about the things that bother me or things I hate about having Lewy Body Dementia.  There are thing I still find comfort in.

For instance, our female poodle, who is almost 15 years old, waked me up earlier than I would like, everyday, to go out.  This give me an hour or more of quite time.  No television, no lawn mower noise, nothing but blissful quiet.  I can drink my coffee in peace.

Another thing I enjoy is naps.  Now, I always enjoyed the Navy tradition of "Taking a nooner"  But naps have taken on a larger role in my life.  A nap permits me to recenter my mental issues.  I can sleep, wake up and feel like it is another day.  Not to mention, it is quiet when I am dreaming.

I need and find solace in my daily routine.  Changes to that routine are disruptive to my mental state.  Furthermore, when events are planned and then changed, my mental functioning is interrupted and upset.  I love routine!

I still enjoy many foods, most of which are now considered bad for me!  But, what does that matter?   So, I eat my favorites when I can.  Cherie pie, apple pie, ice cream, chocolate cake, steak, chicken, even mashed potatoes once in a while.  Eating give me pleasure.  It returns me, Mentally, to my Mom's kitchen and the great aromas of her old fashion cooking.

I enjoy talking to people abut my time in and with the Navy.  Yes, sometimes I see their eyes glass over.  But I am having a good time telling "Sea Stories" as if they just happened. And truthfully, in my mind, they are as up to date and relevant as when they happened.

Finally, I still love working for the Lord. Any time I get the opportunity to teach God's Word, I am happy, fulfilled, and excited.  I appreciate the opportunities to Serve the Lord that living ay Azalea gives me.

None of these things are particularly exciting compared to what I did before LBD.  But they are the few things that give me a peace and relaxation today.

So, if you are the caregiver or relative of a Dementia patient, try to understand where they are right now.  Learn what brings them comfort, security, and joy and what does the opposite to them mentally?   It will make both of your lives more happy, content, and livable.

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