Friday, May 27, 2016

The VALUE of a caring caregiver

Today I was looking at all the prescription bottles and over the counter supplements I take, by the direction of my GP and my Neurologist.  Then I thought;  If my Wife passed away, I could NOT even begin to organize, order, or administer my required medications!!  That was a eye opener.  I am totally dependent on my Wife for my medical care.  Technically, I am helpless and totally dependent on Her!

You may be thinking; Duh?!  But it came as a revelation to me.  And this fact will control the rest of my life.

But my Wife has so much more value.  She monitors how I am doing, everyday and controls my level of activity.  She never schedules more activity that she believes I can handle, based on where she judges my mental and physical abilities are on that day. She let's me nap when I am tired and encourages me to be active when she knows I need activity.

For instance, today I rode the Azalea Trace bus to the Commissary.  I shopped, with a precise, row by numbered row, shopping list.  I know what we need and where it is.  Then, I get back on the bus and come back to our apartment where I put away the groceries.  After that, I was wiped out!  So, I took a three hour nap and eh woke me up in time for dinner.  We had a quiet evening.  And that was all I was mentally or physically able to do today.  And she knew exactly how I would be when she came home from Bible Study.

Yes, LBD throws her a curve ball every once in a while.  But for the most part, she is in control of my care.  And for that, I am thankful.

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