Friday, May 20, 2016

From my Navy Blog: But it is pertinent her too!

I have written before about not really fitting in here at Azalea Trace.  Today, I was told why!   Let me tell you about it.

Every month we have a "Floor Party" where all of us on the first floor of the building we live in, get together, bring snacks, and socialize.  It is a good time and we tell sea stories, discuss daily events and tell jokes.  Everyone has been very nice and hospitable to us, until today.  I was talking to the daughter of a very dear woman who lives on our floor.  This woman is in Hospice and is seeing her final days.  I was trying to engage the daughter in conversation.  She was a Librarian, so I had much to discuss.  She lives in Upstate New York, close to where our Son and Daughter in Law lived, so I had things to discuss there.  She asked me what I did for a living and I told her about my Navy career.  That is when she showed her upper class, "My Daddy is an Officer" attitude!  When I told her I went t work for the Navy as a Civil Servant after I retired she said; "That's how you amassed enough money to live here!"  She said that looking down her nose as if to say, "how bad it is to have Enlisted Trash living here."  I did not let it show, but I was hurt.

Now I know why we have not fit in.  There are three other Enlisted Men living here and all of them hide the fact.  Me, I am either too proud or too stupid to hid the fact that I was a Master Chief Gunner's Mate.  Not to mention the Force Master Chief of the Surface Forces, U.S. Atlantic Fleet.  But, none of these Airedale Officers know what a Force Master Chief is!  No, I am just enlisted trash!!

I really am getting tired of this stuff and since my social filters are about gone, some day I AM going to explode!   But, today, I kept my cool.  And yes, I did tell my wife.  And then  asked her to be cool also.I may have made a mistake believing I could be accepted in "Polite Society".  How could I ever think, the upper crust would accept me, an illegitimate child, raise by people that he was not related too, who grew up in a Blue Collar family, and Enlisted Man, who they only see value as a Head Cleaner, who married well, and had to go to Civil Service to make enough money to scrape up the money to live here!!

I have been hurt by people who thought they were better than me, my entire life!   It will never end because I will not hide who I am or how I grew up.  I am a success story!  I could have decided to be a "Victim" like so many people do.  But I did not.  We are debt free, never late on a bill.  Owned 8 homes in out life together.  We support my Wife's parents in their old age.  I graduated from College with a BA in Human Relations Management, Cum Laude, at 41.  I made Master Chief in 14 ½ years!  I was the Honor Graduated of Class 9 of the Senior Enlisted Academy.  I was promoted to GS 13 and was a Branch  Manager of three different branches.  Not to mention I was the Branch Head they sent on all the tough assignments like the Persian Gulf.  I was the only individual that insisted we send Combat Systems technicians on the USS Cole recovery team, saving $10 million in repairs because we preserved the SPY 1 radar arrays!!

For the most part, I don't like Officers.  Most of them have their heads up their asses.  They think they know everything, but the truth is, if you give them a screw driver or a Meter Lead, they would put their eye out!   Yes, they can fly airplanes, but they can't fix them.   Surface Warfare Officer can drive a ship, but the don't know how the systems work.  I cannot tell you how many times I have been asked on the sound powered phones when the Gun Mount broke; "Can you give ma a ERT?  The Captain wants the know."   Give me break, I just told you it was broke.  I haven't had 5 seconds to troubleshoot the damn thing!  It is a complicated, Electro Hydraulic monster controlled by a Logic Computer.  There are thousands of moving parts that move ammo that weighs hundreds of pounds there decks, to a moving gun mount and a moving gun barrel at 20 rounds a minute!!  Dumb Ass!

So, I have had my "Class System" immersion for the day!   I think I will go shoot myself!  I hate Officers and their kids!!  Snooty brat!!

She also did not believe I have LBD!  I guess she went to medical school also.  I really hate Pensacola!  It is THE Airedale Officers retirement destination.  Admiral Dick Dunleavey, I need your help!

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