Saturday, April 9, 2016

Why do I feel like I do?

OK, I know the answer to that question.  I have Lewy Body Dementia.  But I am always thinking about the things that now bother me, that never bothered me before LBD!

For instance, I used to like politics.  I had my opinion, I liked to debate issues and politics got me excited.  They still do, except now it all makes me so agitated I am either out of control angry or , not watching or paying attention to politics AT ALL!!

I look at our society, how our moral standards are GONE!  There are no absolute standards.  People can do anything they want, even if it was illegal or even if it offends the majority of Americans.  Our Nation is bankrupt, financially, morally, and as a a Nation we no longer even have borders!

The things I believed in, fought for, spent my life defending, building, leading, and knew were right, proper, and moral, are now trash to today's citizens.

Am I depressed, exasperated, angry, ready to give up.  Why, because I cannot do anything about the direction of our once great country.  And what is worse is, there is no other place to go!  The entire world is going in the same direction!! If you never read Ken Hamblin's book; "Pick a Better Country", I recommend it to you!   I met Ken twice and he was a real, patriotic, American who understood we were on the path to our own distraction, a long time ago!

The other thorn in my side is, I cannot move out to 20 acres and be a survivalist because I am just too messed up mentally and physically to make that work.   I just have to sit here and watch America die!

I used to wonder what would be the thing that defeated me.  I now know, it is NOT LBD!  It is the moral decline of the world.  We have gone the same path that other great nations have.  We turned our collective backs on GOD and tried to make ourselves god.  It killed Rome, Greece, England, Japan, and now America, an me.

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