Sunday, April 17, 2016

We had a SCARE today!

This afternoon, I was sitting in my recliner watching the television.  I was drinking some cooled coffee and I aspirated, BIG TIME!   I spit some coffee out on my IPAD and on the floor and my shirt.   But I could not breathe!  I jumped out of my chair, my wife encouraged me to put mu arms in the air as she pounded on my back.  But I could not clear my airway or my lungs.   I stumbled around the living room and after a while I got some air into my lungs.  It took me some time to get breathing somewhat normally.  I had to use my Rescue Breather for Asthma to get my breathing back to normal.  I also had a lot of phlegm to deal with that was not there before I aspirated.  

I was about one second away from having my Wife push the Emergency button.  In hindsight, we probably should have.  But, I settled down and got back to breathing.  But, I am truly not over this episode.

I have aspirated before.  Maybe not as bad as this one.  This one scared me.   It also brought my mortality to the forefront.  The number one cause of death in LBD patients is aspiration!

So, another issue comes to the forefront.  More later.

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