Thursday, April 14, 2016

My reaction to changes in plans

The cable provider is updating the entire cable installation here at Azalea.  It is a wonderful, much needed, and very much appreciated update for our residents.  Television, Internet, and telephone, will all be faster, more clear, and expanded by their effort.  I thank Cox Cable and The ACTS management for this upgrade of our facilities.

This upgrade has been done in a very expeditious and efficient manner.  Remember, they replaced every piece of coax throughout all of our buildings including Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Care!  The Cox personnel had to enter every apartment and room to replace cable and cable boxed.  The were in our apartment for a total of 25 minutes!  Amazingly professional.

Al that being said, this is my blog about my disease.  Today, they were scheduled to complete the installation which requires installing a small digital signal box for each television.  That box is even paid for by Azalea Trace!  I received an automated called this morning telling me the progress would bring them to my apartment, the last floor of the install this afternoon.  Around 2 PM, I went out to find where the install team was.  Why, because I had go to the pharmacy to change my prescriptions.  Actually, my Wife had to do that, and I was to go with her.  The Security Guard escorting they Cox workers told me, along with the Cox supervisor, that they would be on my floor later in the afternoon.  Then, at 4PM, I went out and checked again, and I was told they would be to my apartment by 4:30PM.

You can guess where this is going.  At 5:15PM, I went to check and they had left for the day.  I was furious!!  My BP surged, my heart beat pounded, and my body temperature rose.  I could not rationalize why I was not notified by their change in schedule!!

My Wife spend a lot of effort and time to calm me down.  As she was bringing me back off the ledge, I told her, I thought I might need to be in a more controlled atmosphere.  

I should not get excited about a small schedule change for an effort as monumental as this is.  We can go to the pharmacy tomorrow.  My Wife can then take me to the Commissary and Navy Exchange.  This will be OK, even though I love riding the Azalea Trace bus to the Commissary on Fridays.  But, it really is no big deal.

But, my ability to see things rationally is broke.  So, living in an area that understands my broken mental functions would be better, I think.  This is a difficult disease and I am no longer rationally connected to my emotions much of the time.  I am blessed to have a Wife that really is proactive as my caregiver.  But she needs time off sometime too.  It will be interesting, the direction things go, and how I react to them.  It is my opinion that soon, I will not be as connected to reality and to my emotions.  My LBD is progressing.


  1. Thank you for your blog. I have been recently diagnosed with LBD and it is so validating to find someone who expresses what I am feeling! May the Lord bless you and your wife as you journey through this stage of your life.

  2. Said a prayer for you and your wife today. your blog has helped me understand what my mother-in-law is going through. God be with you!

  3. Hello again Mr. Silverfox. I originally planned to comeback after I finished my first 30-day round, but I have had good enough early results to reach out to you sooner to see if you would like to try this method I am developing. Just a reminder it is an all-natural approach that was designed to target amyloid beta plaque and hyperphosphorylated tau protein in the brain. After doing more research in your case I believe this method should also help with misfolded alpha-synuclein protein (a.k.a Lewy bodies).

    The two "downsides" would be that you would have to buy the supplements as insurance would not cover these obviously and I do not know what type of budget you and the Mrs. are working with. The other is that since I avoided the medicated route I do not know how this might interact with the dementia medication you are taking now. Even if it is natural, negative interactions are still possible. For example I had to reduce the amount of lithium I was taking due to my CHF and ACE inhibitor.

    If you are interested I would design the regimen you need to follow as I would likely adjust the amounts down from what I am currently doing which should also allow you to get more use out of what you buy than I would. The only other thing it would cost you is your trust to try it. I do not feel that I could put a price on something that may truly help people dealing with this condition. If it works you can always leave a tip on my GoFund me page later. :)

    So again if you are interested just reach out to me on my blog and we will go from there.