Saturday, April 23, 2016

Lost, Disoriented, Confused

I was just out walking the miniature poodles.  We are a group without a direction!  Marcel is almost completely deaf and blind as a bat.  His nose still works, so he smells his way around.  Cheri see's better, but she is so "Smell" oriented that she gets into a smell circle.  I feel lost, confused and overwhelmed when I am out of our apartment or in the well known confines of Azalea Trace.

Recently, we have noticed that I am uncomfortable whenever we are out.  I know I have written about this issue before, but it is getting more pronounced.   I like to be in my apartment and in the portions of Azalea Trace I know.  For instance, I have no issue walking to the Chapel in Willow Brooke Court.  I know the way, I know the people, and all is familiar, as long as I stay in the hallways.  If I get out of the normal halls, I am confused and in a small panic attack.

Oh well, it is the normal progression of my LBD.  And trust me, it is progressing.

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  1. Dear Silverfox,
    You may be disoriented and at times confused, so you say, but honestly you are still sharp, witty, humorous, modest, and a fine writer. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and of your journey.