Thursday, April 7, 2016

Disorientation increases

I have seen an increase in my daytime disorientation.  We went to the Dentist for the six month cleaning and I was disoriented and lost in the Dentist's facility.  I could not find my way from the examining room to the panoramic X-ray machine or back.  I just followed the Dental Assistant.

I have seen this in our apartment and around the community.   It is not all the time, but is occurring more and more.  I seldom remember people's names, but, we do wear  name tags here at Azalea Trace.  Thank goodness.  And it is just one more sign my Dementia is progressing.

I am also drawing more an more into myself.  I believe I have described this as Cocooning.  I seek safety in familiar, secure, surroundings.   Mostly our apartment and bedroom.

This reinforces my point that Dementia patients need a gradual introduction into Memory Care surroundings.  I need to bring that subject up again.  It would be better to slowly get comfortable with the people, the surroundings, and even the dining facilities.  In my estimation, this would be the best way to acclimate me to my future surroundings and situation.

Just the same, I progress.  Or is it Digress?

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