Monday, April 18, 2016

Another, unreported issue

Another issue I have not reported is my skin issues.  I have bumps that arise, resemble pimples or boils, hurt, and some times erupt in clear liquid or blood.   These bumps also open up when I wash with a wash cloth.  They are occurring on my face, arms, back of my neck and in my hair.  To say the least, this is annoying.

The bleeding may be exacerbated by my blood being so thin because of the prescribed large doses of Omega 3 and aspirin.  I have always told you I am a science experiment.

So, as I said in the last posting, the symptoms and issues are increasing in occurrence and intensity.  My body is breaking down, my skin is breaking down, and my mental capabilities are breaking down.

I guess long term investments are not in my future!

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