Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Memory Center

If you live in Virginia and you have a loved one, or you, need Memory care, the Memory Center in Virginia Beach and Richmond look like great places.  I emailed them today, and I received a return phone call before my email stopped vibrating on Kathryn's screen in Virginia Beach!!

She was very informed on Dementia, cared about me, or she is a GREAT actor, and even gave me her personal cell number.

No, I do not work for them and they do not pay me!!  But, I do know a good thing when I see it.  The Memory Center uses the newest research to provide a home for those of us who have Dementia.  A facility that looks like a town, with residences in neighborhoods, segregated by cognitive ability.

The are sending me information and I intend to visit this place this summer!  For me, to live in a place dedicated solely, to my well being, security, and comfort, as a Dementia patient, is worth just about any amount of money.

I will keep you informed.  But, if you live in Virginia Breach or Richmond, go check these places out and let me know what you think!!   I would be grateful for your insight! 

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