Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Reduced mental connection to the world around me

Lately, I have experienced a reduced mental connection to everything around me.  People, the environment, television, and everything else.  I am in a fog, far away, and disconnected from what is going on around me.  Furthermore, I am not interested in those things.

Instead, I think about the Navy, about my experiences and even have day dreams about things that did not happen.   It is as if I was transported back into the Navy, in uniform, and on a ship, working as a Gunner's Mate.  Those day dreams are very pleasant to me.

It is interesting to me to see how my mind is taking me to a time when I was more in charge of my environment and my physical and mental being.  A time of professionalism and self-confidence.

It seems I am slipping the bounds of reality and moving into a more comfortable time of my memory.  No issue.  Just a report.

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