Thursday, March 24, 2016

Operating a Half Power

We went to the dog groomers today and then spent two hours at our Son and Daughter-in-Law's home.  It was a great visit, but I noticed I was less engaged in the conversation and I felt overwhelmed and disconnected.   commented to my Wife when we got in the car that I felt like I was operating at half power!

That is a very accurate description of my mental ability.  I am like a light bulb during a "Brown Out".  Not as bright, weak, and flickering.  I cannot keep up with a conversation between three or more adults and I find myself interrupting the conversation asking who they are talking about.

I have commented recently about the recent, rapid, progression of my disease.  I also have seen an increase in my instability and the dizziness.  The bottom line is, my experience with LBD is getting more intense and deeper.

Still, I seem to find a way to deal with this disease and move ahead.  My Wife remains positive and thankful for the good time we have had, and so do I.  But, we both know the future is much darker than the past.  But, God will help us through these difficult times.  Times like these are when Faith grows and strengthens, EXPONENTIALLY!!

As always, I will report things as they occur, in the most honest manner I can.

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