Sunday, March 20, 2016

New medicine update and other issues

Well, it has been a couple of weeks and my Wife believes the increase in my nightly dose of Nortriptolene is helping me.   I still feel the anger and agitation sometimes, but it is less intense.  The one benefit I see is I go to sleep, immediately!   As soon as I get situated in the bed, I am gone!  So, if I am happy with the results in that I sleep better and my Wife believes I am easier to live with at night.

I still see the LBD progressing and getting worse.  I am having problems, sometime, making complete sentences and sentences that make sense.  I also have great difficulty finding the correct word to describe something.  The noun name of things becomes a long description to my Wife and she has to cypher out what word I am looking for.  For instance, when I am writing these posts, I have to ask my Wife; "what the thing is that does whatever is called."  She is good at deciphering my encrypted question and gives me the correct word.  So, the word issue is much less frustrating than the inability to make sensible, complete sentences is.  However, before the sentence construction issue arose, finding words was the biggest issue.  So, things change, and for the worse.

I have found that even small groups of people wear me out.  I used to be a very outgoing individual.  An EXTROVERT!  I actually gained energy from a crowd and I enjoyed working the crowd.  of course, back then, I had a wonderful memory!  I remember every one's name, what they did, their families names, and any other important issued about any individual I met.  Now, memory is a fleeting memory!!

Even writing these posts is becoming difficult for me.  Stringing my thoughts together is nearly impossible.  If I start to write one and a new thought pops into my mind, I either loose the thought I was writing about or the new one!  I guess I will never write my novel!!

Well, more later.  If I remember.

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  1. I think your columns are wonderful! You are helpful to me in understanding my husband's behavior. Thank you!