Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Memory as it applies to Pool

I play Pool, 8 Ball, every Wednesday and Sunday night.  I am like many people in that I have good and bad days.  But, what gives me fits is I can make a number of difficult shots and then forget how to make the simplest shot the next time it is my turn.

The truth is, I cannot remember how I made the last good shot, no matter how hard I try.  And the harder I try the worse it gets.  I accredit this to LBD since I used to be able to remember simple things!

I know it frustrates the men who are unfortunate to be my partner.  And most of them deny that I have LBD!   So, I never mention it anymore.

Sometimes I would like to quit playing Pool, but, it is the only activity I participate in here.  And, I enjoy the fellowship.  But not being able to be even moderately consistent is frustrating.

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