Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Latest update

I realize my most recent string of posts is somewhat negative.  Nut it is how the progression of my LBD has left me.  Tonight, I went to play billiards as I do on Wednesday evening.  I really enjoy the fellowship of the other men and trying to play pool.  I wish I would have listened to my Dad when he tried to school me in Billiards.  He was amazing!  I am too.  Amazingly bad.

I left the pool room about an hour early because I feel tired, depleted, and weak.  I have no idea why, but I felt bad enough to believe home, in our apartment, would be a better place than in the pool room.  I ave not pushed the medical alert button.  I do not feel that bad.  But I have told my Wife how I feel and I will keep her informed if my condition changes.  I do believe I will be going to bed early even though I had a good nap.

Since I have been experiencing a cascade of downward symptoms, this comes as no surprise.  But it requires vigilance.

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  1. Master Chief,

    I just found your blogs and decided to check this one out also.

    My wife is a LPN at a Geriatric Facility in Southern Maryland, not far from NAS Patuxent River. She is a certified Dementia Nurse. I have learned much about this disease from her, and attending a Alzheimers Support Group she hosts.

    Her Support Group is typically attended by not only those suffering from the disease, but also the loved ones caring for them. You are very right in being upset about a society that believes its best to put those suffering from memory loss into a strange, sterile environment. This is not what she believes is the best course of action for early stages. However, in later stages, it may become necessary as the caregiver can become overwhelmed and their mental and physical health will also head into the spiral of never ending grief.

    Consider contacting Nursing Homes/Rehab Centers which specialize in Alzheimers. Potentially they have a support group. If not, speak with their Social Worker and make the recommendation!

    On a different note, my lovely wife has her own suffering. She was diagnosed with RA about a year and a half ago. Much like Alzheimers, it is not spoke much of. Her pain is unbelievable some days. She cant sleep and is unable to be the normal person she once was. Strong and capable. She is 44. I wish there was a RA support group, as I would attend. I have looked with no success.

    I wish you well and fair winds. Dream of the wonderful days at sea and the friends you've had. Remember to love your wife and the moments when you feel good, thank Our Heavenly Father.