Monday, March 21, 2016

It IS time for me to move to assisted living.

Regardless of the positive effects of the increased dosage of nortriptolene at night, I am increasingly unable to positively deal with things that aggravate me.  For instance,  today my wife washed some dark clothes and left a kleenex in a pocket.  There was shredded kleenex every where in the wash!!  Since I took the clothes out of the wash and placed them in the dryer, I had to deal with the residue.  She came to help, which the required me to get the vacuum cleaner out!  I was perturbed to say the least.

Then, the television has had a constant drone of politics on it, all day!!  I have explained at length that politics, replayed over and over again, with the same inane questions and answers makes me crazy!!  Of course, then, she has to ask me questions or make statements about what is being said.  I will say it one more time.  It matter not who America elects.  Te same results come out of it.  It is like eating fresh organically grown vegetables and grass fed beef.  It still comes out as shit!!  That is my view of politics and I do not want to be beat over the head with it.  In case anyone does not know it, I have given up on America and the World!!

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