Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Being Comfortable With my Own Kind!

I have noticed that I feel much more at ease when I am with other Dementia patients. There is a lady here at Azalea that has Frontal Lobe Dementia.  She is also still able to live independently, with help from her Sister's visits.  She and I run into each other in the hallways and when we discuss our issues, I feel myself relax.  I know, when I am talking with her, that I do not have to try to be "normal".

I have described this before in posts that I said I feel more at ease in a Memory Support facility.   But, this is even more comforting.  Being with another person dealing with the same cognitive issues takes away the stigma of having Dementia!   Yes, we do feel different, diminished, and out of place when we are with people that have fully functioning brains!

We discuss the issues of our Dementias and find we have many of the same issues.  Then, we describe what remedy has worked and which ones have not.  For instance, she has the same leg issues I have!  And, this week her Neurologist has her starting Physical Therapy.  I was able to tell her about the folks here at Azelea Trace that provide the PT.  That set her mind at ease!

Beings with people that have Dementia sets up a support group!  That is what we need and what is lacking in every program I have looked at except one.  That being the Memory Support Center in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  It is a new facility, dedicated to caring for Dementia patients, only!  They house their residents in communities based on their cognitive abilities!  The entire facility is played out like a town, with a main street with shops, restaurants and coffee shops that actually are open and working.  You actually can get a Frapochino at the Coffee Shop or a Beer at the Tavern!!   I truly would love to live there.

In anycase, I have one person that understands my journey.

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