Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A funny thought!

It is interesting how some things illuminate where I am in my Life's journey.  Now, I know that I do not know when I will pass from this life to Heaven.  Only God knows that.  But, things show me the futility of life and the things we hold so dear.  Things that we will leave behind and have NO value to us, at all!

Tuesdays, I wash the towels, sheets, and underwear while my wife is ate her BSF Leaders meeting.  It is a form of multi-tasking.  In any case, I was folding my Skivvies and I realized, I will NEVER have to purchase any Skivvies again!!  Now, that seems like a strange thought to enter my mind and I certainly did not put that thought in my mind on purpose.  But there it was, big as day.  I will never run out of skivvies!!

I also realize, overtime I get in the passenger's side of our 2015 Subaru  Outback, that I will never purchase another car!  I love cars!!  We have bought somewhere around 20 in our 43 years of marriage!  But, this vehicle, is my last.  Maybe because it will last 20+ years!!

We spend all of our lives accumulating THINGS!  Things that break, rust, go out of style, become obsolete, or we out grow.  Things that we spend our hard earned money on.  Money that we spent our Limited time on earth making.  Time that we could have spent with our families, teaching our children God's word, helping the sick, comforting the grieving, and witnessing to the lost.

I am afraid I have spent the vast majority of my life on things that will mean nothing after I am dead.  All I can do, is work for God now, everyone HE gives me the opportunity.  And that is my vow!

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  1. "I was folding my Skivvies and I realized, I will NEVER have to purchase any Skivvies again!!"

    Once again, you've really made me smile!