Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Things are getting worse

Days and nights are getting much worse.   Everything agitates me, even my wife's talking!  The dogs wanting out or even wanting petted causes me agitation.   I am becoming more and more reclusive and I truly do not like being around people.  I seek a quiet life of solitude and this is getting much worse.

My memory issues are also increasing.  Every Tuesday, I wash the sheets and towels in advance of house keeping coming.  Today, I got everything done and then called Jerry, as I always do on Tuesday.   After our call, I heard a noise coming from the utility area.  So, I went to investigate.  I noticed the booster fan for the dryer exhaust was running.  I immediately got angry because someone had left the dryer exhaust booster fan on, wasting electricity!!!   You guessed it.  It was me.  And the sheets and towels were still in the dryer!!  I truly and honestly thought I had folded them and put them away!!

Also, hallucinations are becoming more frequent.  I am having more issues with Blood Pressure and body temperature levels, and I am presently on the diarrhea track, verses constipation.  All in all, I really feel worn our, disoriented, and angry.

Why, because every thing that can happen with LBD, IS!!  Will this subside a little?  Maybe, Possibly, or not.  I just do not know.  And that is the unpredictability of LBD!

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