Thursday, February 11, 2016

The latest Neurologist visit

Today was one follow up visit with the neurologist.  You may remember, he ordered a MRI on my back to see if there was any mechanical issues causing my leg stiffness and my walking issues.  As I thought, there was no mechanical issues.  I do have arthritis and some disc protrusion, most likely cause by my career as a Gunner's Mate.  Moving thousands of rounds of ammo has that effect!

He is going to up a prescription I take at night to help with my anger.  I openly discussed my anger issues with him and brought out the time this week I made a fist towards my wife!  That was hard for me to express because I had not told Linda and I know it medically marks me as possibly violent.  But, it is the truth!  SO it needed to be out in the open.

 But the most striking thing about this appointment was caught by my wife, not me.  She said: "Did you notice the doctor did not try to tell you you did not have LBD?   Instead, he said these issues were part of the progression of the LBD."

While that might be disconcerting to some, It is a answer to prayer for me.  No more fighting to justify my symptoms.  Now, the neurologist and I are on the same page.  That has been a long time coming.

Now, all three of us admit my LBD is progressing faster.  This permits us to address things in a more realistic manner.  I am happy.

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  1. As always, your honesty shows how much grace you still have - though I of course know, that's not how it feels!