Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Spotlighting, Part Two. How do you know?

I was thinking, how would you know I am "Spotlighting"?  Here is the answer;  In a conversation, I am likely to say;  Oh, I read that.  Or;  Yes, I know that.  If I am not disagreeing or adding information to the conversation, I am most likely, "Spotlighting" or pretending to be normal.

Before LBD, I could bring up ten other sources on any subject I was interested in and five sources on things I had no interest in.  I could debate a person on any topic and hold my own.  Now, I mostly agree.  Why, because I am just trying to be a part of the world around me.  The idea is, I have nothing to add because I am not engaged in the conversation or situation.  I am lost!  But I don't want you to know.

Now, when I am not "Spotlighting" I am normally either introspective and say very little or very agitated and being very loud, verbose, and foul!  Hey, it is the truth and I know it.   But, I want everyone else to know it.  That way, you will understand us more.  

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