Monday, February 1, 2016

Not of this world, but in it!

As Christians, we are cautioned to not become part of the trappings of this world, which is controlled by Satan.   Instead, we are told we are sojourners, living here temporarily, and headed to the place Jesus has prepared for us.  We are told to store up our treasures in Heaven.

I have known that for a long time and I have earnestly tried to live my life that way.  But, you know it is hard.  We want nice homes, good cars, Careers that pay well, and stylish clothes.  We want our children to go to good universities and we look forward to long, happy, retirements.  I certainly have sought after those things through my life.

But now, being in the place LBD has placed me, I can truly say, I am not of this world and I am heading home, sooner that later.  Now, don't get excited.  I see LBD as a blessing and not as a curse or punishment. For the first time, I truly do not like or want to be of this world.  I see all the sin and evil in the world and I long to be with Jesus in Heaven.

Yet, God still finds jobs for me to do.  People I need to witness to, preaching that need done, and times for me to just be friendly to people that do not have anyone to talk too.  I treasure those Godly assignments and I seek them out.  But I no longer seek out what the world has to offer.  I do not watch the news, pay attention to politics, or get excited about the direction our Country is going.  I can't change any of those things and they do not impact my present life or my eternity.

My LBD has progressed, faster than before.  I now shuffle when I walk, even though I tell myself not to.  I am more introverted and detached from the world and even people around me.  I do not want the latest new thing, style, or taste.  I am pretty much satisfied where I am at the moment, knowing that the future holds beauty I cannot even fathom.

I spent hours in my chair, in another thought world, or mindless playing solitaire on my IPAD.  I take long naps and go to bed early.  Even the sports I liked hold little interest for me.  For instance, I once was a BIG NASCAR fan.  Now, I seldom watch the race on television.  Those thing just do not hold my interest anymore.

I know the Alzheimer's drugs are loosing heir impact.  But, they kept me going for a long time, so even that is encouraging, not depressing.

This world is NOT my home.  I know that now, more than ever.

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