Monday, February 22, 2016

Home alone, TWO

I said in my last post that I mainly sat in my recliner.  I also never turned the television on all the time I was alone.  Tonight, the television is on and I am more agitated.   And the usual political programming was on most of the daylight hours.  I slept most of the afternoon.

I have also said before that I believed I would do better in a more controlled environment like assisted living or a memory care facility.

That being said, I do OK when my Wife is with me and we consciencely control my environment.  So, a move to assisted living can wait.   But, the weekend experiment did illuminate how television influences my agitation and anger.   The constant bombardment of violence, political dribble, and extra loud commercials, is not good for me!

I thrive on quiet, calm, and routine.  That was reinforced the weekend.  

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  1. I have often felt that the television has had a major negative impact in everybody's lives and we do not realize it. When I am away from home I do not turn the TV on at all, and feel much more relaxed in my hotel room than when I do when I constantly bombarded by visual and auditory stimulation.

    Not trying to say I have the same problems as you to minimize your disease, but rather acknowledge that the TV is clearly a source of distraction at best and nerve wracking stress at worse and staying away from it makes a ton of sense in handling your disease.