Monday, February 22, 2016

Home alone! Almost

Last weekend, my Wife had a Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) retreat out of town.  She has wanted t attend one of these leaders retreats for a long time and this one was close enough to attend.  But, it required leaving me home, alone.  Well, alone with the two miniature poodles and 500 other residents of Azalea Trace.

She departed Friday morning and I spent the afternoon and early evening at the Mobile Boat Show with a friend from Virginia.  We had a good time. This was my only outing of the weekend.

My Wife had placed note all over the apartment reminding me to take my pills.  That worked!  I never missed mine or the dog.  And, she made my favorite breakfast casserole so that all I had to do was warm my portions up in the microwave.

The interesting take aways of the experiment are;

1.  I did not turn on the television from the time she departed at 9AM Friday until she came home 5 PM Sunday.  I found myself more relaxed without the constant chatter of the idiot box.

2.  I sat in my power recliner all the time I was awake, surfing the web or playing solitaire on my IPAD.

3.  My hallucinations picked up during this period.  Even when I was sitting in my recliner, with the room well lit, I had hallucinations.

4.  I had to stay up long enough to be extremely tired.  Then I could sleep.

5.  Three days alone with my thoughts is difficult and overwhelming.  Yes, I spent much of the time in my Navy past but much of my negative events across the spectrum of my live came to mind and upset me.

This was an interesting experiment and one I do not want to repeat again.   I found myself almost isolated, in my recliner, with my thoughts.  Yes, the poodles had to go out to relieve themselves, but even that was done in solitude.  Again, little human contact, and that was fine with me.  I am finding, the less I interact with people and the world, the better I am.

She returned with a renewed prospective on her Christian life and mission and I was even more hidden in my thought of the past than before.  LBD is an interesting journey.

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