Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Every Tuesday, Jerry and I talk for an hour.  Truthfully, that is the best hour of my week.  Jerry is the only friend that I talk to on a regular basis.  Others call occasionally and I appreciate their calls too.  But Jerry and I have a Tuesday appointment, every week.  

I can tell Jerry anything.  He is a true friend and confidant.  These calls are a mental release for me and I hope he gets the same impact as I do.   

There is no one that I trust more than Jerry.   As the Bible verse says, He is closer than a brother.

Since we have lived here at the CCRC community, I have made man acquaintances, but no real friends.  I may be too Enlisted or too opinionated for them.  Too bad for them.  I am not about to change any time soon!

So, as long as the telephone works, I will survive, because of Jerry, being there for me.  Thanks!

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