Friday, February 19, 2016

Comments from YOU!

I have written before, I think, thanking each of you who read this Blog and for the comments you send me.  These comments connect me to the LBD community.  If we are connected, we are stronger, and we can help each other deal with this disease.  You comments help me ad I read them over and over again.  Unfortunately, I cannot reply to your comments because the program I use for this Blog does not permit that.  So, from time to time I write a think you, in this manner.

I have a new reader, who has read every post I have written and provided me with numerous, reinforcing, heart felt comments.  I truly appreciate your inputs Edd.  You have encouraged me in some of my darkest days of late!

I believe we need to support each other in the LBD community.  We have little outside support and even our doctors are of little help.  I am grateful that my neurologist has finally become a supporter of mine.  And I am blessed to have an psychologist that cares.  But, it has taken a long time to build this support group and I realize some of us NEVER have medical or even family support.

I worked with a fellow whose Father had Alzheimer's.  The Mother, the wife of the Alzheimer's patient, never got past the "Anger" stage of grieving.  One day, she was berating the husband, and my friend was standing with his Father.  The Dad asked my friend; "Who is that woman?"  My friend said;  "Your wife!"  The Father replied: "NAW!!"

I am blessed with a wife that cares for me and doctors that have finally got on board.  But, with out people like Edd, this would be a lonely journey.  Thanks, to all of you!!  And as they used to say on Television;  Keep those cards and letters coming!

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  1. Hi, Don.

    I'm so glad you're getting my comments! And even happier if they help, even just a little.

    Hope you're still having some good times.