Sunday, February 28, 2016

A change in night meds

My Neurologist has increased my nightly dose of Nortriptoline to combat my nightly agitation anger, and aggression.  Tonight is the first night I have taken the new dosage because of my Wife's travels last weekend.   So, I am now experiencing the effects of the new dosage.

How do I feel?  Like I drank 6-8 beers, without eating, in a two hour time period!   I am not drunk, but I am relaxed, a little loopy, and fairly happy.  I feel like telling sea stories!  The really GOOD ones!!

I do not feel the agitation, anger, or aggression I have experienced for a long time.  Instead, I am seated, relaxed, and oblivious.  This is not too bad!  But the question is, will this be the effect every night, after I get accustomed to the dosage.

It is good to feel relaxed and not agitated.  Even at the expense of feeling half in the bag!  But, only time will tell the full impact.  But, I thought I would keep you informed.  Now, I am going to bed.  I hope the bed does not spin!!  I used to hate that sensation.

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