Tuesday, January 12, 2016

More hallucinations!

My hallucinations have been increasing in intensity and realism.  Last night, I saw our female miniature poodle, on the bed.  When I reached out to cuddle her, there was nothing there!

That hallucination was very realistic!  She looked and moved just like our female pools.  I would have sworn that she was on the bed.  But, she was not.  That event has rattled me and my wife, who I told tonight.  The hallucination did not frighten me, and I am glad it was not a hallucination of something that did frighten me, because I would have reacted in a violent way!  It was that realistic.

What does this increase in hallucinations mean?  Probably, my LBD is getting worse, progressing, taking over more of my cognitive abilities, and finally, it may single another "Plateau Change".   I will just have to monitor this.  However, I forgot to tell my wife until we went to bed tonight, so my monitoring things is not the most accurate measure!  That seems humorous to me.  I am the only one who has the insight to observe the progress of the disease, and I am loosing my cognitive abilities to monitor what is happening to me!

Well, I used to say;  "This is a great disease.  You forget what bothers you!"  That is not the best outcome when I am trying to chart my progress.

More later, if I remember.

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