Wednesday, January 27, 2016

I have said this before, but no one listens!!

I know I have said this before and NO, this is not a repost!  But it seems, no one hears what I say or they just do not care.

Every time I describe a symptom or issue that I am experiencing, everyone, including my wife says;  I have the same issue.  But mine is different or worse, or more annoying, or better than yours!

Can you see why this is upsetting to me.  My wife says I don;t tell her about what I am experiencing.  Why should I, she is experiencing the same things I am only worse.  Hell, I am not sick according to anyone I talk to!!  Even the Neurologist I see here in Pensacola found out for the first time last visit, that I have issues with stiffness in my legs!!  I have been telling him about that for two years in writing and verbally!!!  Then, last visit HE DISCOVERS I have stiffness in my legs!!  Big revelation!

Look, it is obvious no one thinks I am sick, so, from now on, I am NOT sick.  I am going back to driving and work.   I am going to move out of this place and get a single family house.  I will mow the lawn, paint rooms, fix plumbing, and what ever.   Then, when you find me dead, on the floor or in bed, or in the back yard, you can say, maybe he had something wrong with him!!  Then you will say; Nah, he is faking being dead!  I should be laying there, I fell bad!  I have the same issues he thought he had, but didn't.

But, the bottom line is, I have nothing else to say about my disease.  I am well, no issues, I have never felt better, and everyone else in my life is the sickest person in the world.  I will dedicate my life to taking care of them as long as I live.

I really an fed up!!

PS:  After looking at my earlier post and this one, I can honestly say, the only thing I have in my life is m,y disease, LBD.  And no one is interested in that.   When I could physically do things for others, I was interesting.  Now, I am nothing. ..

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