Friday, January 22, 2016

Dealing with difficult people

Let me tell you about something that happened here in the Retirement Community that we live in.  Then, let me tell you how it has impacted me and how I react to people like this.

A week ago, or so, we had a couple come and eat lunch with us.  The woman is in my Wife's Bible Study and her husband was on the USS Caron (DD 970) with me.  I had not seen him in 25 years at least.  While we were waiting for the dining room to open, we sat on some couches and chairs outside of the dining room.  My wife had me move one chair to make it so all of us could sit down.  When the dinning room open up, my wife told me to put the chair back where I got it and I was doing that.  I was pulling the chair, with me walking backwards, very slowly.  I did not notice that a small lady, with a walker, was behind me and I bumped into her.  I did not knock her down or even cause her to falter.  I immediately checked to see if she was OK and I apologized profusely.  I explained that I did not see her and I was genuinely sorry.

She began to berate me like I was a elementary school student!  I apologized again!  And she told me I was an idiot and that I better learn to watch where I was going!

After everyone was seated, I was feeling very bad for bumping into this lady and obviously startling her, so I went over to the table her and her husband, who I know, were sitting with another couple.  I again apologized.  She again flame sprayed me!!  Her husband just smiled at me.

Now, the lady that was sitting with the ungracious lady gives me the evil eye, will not return my wife's or my greetings when we pass in the hall.

Now, how this impacted me.  I am an enlisted man.  I worked with my hands, worked long hours, went to war anytime there was one, and acted like an enlisted man.  I am not ashamed of who I am or what I did.  On the contrary, the Enlisted men of our Military are the ones that win the wars, fight the wars and clean up the messes Officers cause.  People like the two ladies I am having issues with think Officers are the best.  They think wars are fought in dress white uniforms, sharply pressed, and that the war stops precisely at 2 PM so they can have tea.  They believe only Aviators did anything of value and that they are the upper crust of our society.  And trust me, there are more Officers and wanabe Officers here than fleas on a dog.  I have never wanted to be an Officer.  I am PROUD to be an Enlisted man and a Master Chief.  I KNOW who did the work that won the wars, and it ain't Officers.  Look at the Medal of Honor rolls.  It is predominantly Enlisted folks!!  Doris Miller, Wayne Caron, and other enlisted men.

This class of snooty, uppity, pious, self centered jerks have always aggravated me.  Yes, I come from poor beginnings.  And this "Upper Crust" has pissed down my neck and told me it was raining all my life.  They never cleaned a Head, went mess cooking, manned a replenishment rig, handled ammunition, of put drunks to bed.  I really do not like people of this class.  Truth be known, I identify more with the Black workers that keep this community clean, operating, and identified as the Best Retirement Community in the South, than I do with the snooty, ungracious people like these two "Ladies".

Now onto the LBD effect;  The episode occurs at 11:30 AM.  My LBD was in check and I did my very best to be respectful, gracious, apologetic, and caring about her well being.  She was just the opposite.  I had been able to let her attitude pass, until that gray headed, snooty, bitch treated my wife and me disrespectfully yesterday and today.  Now, it is 1900 at night, and my social filters are non-existent and I would gladly give these women a class "A" Master Chief Gunner's Mate ass chewing.  Trust me, I can still peel the paint off a bulkhead with my verbal assault.  And my voice is still loud enough to wake the dead.

Why people, who are obviously in the same condition, and position as I am, try to elevate themselves at the expense of others is beyond me.  But, my mental ability to graciously deal with these morons is evaporating quickly.  Of course, if I loose my temper, I will be the one who looses the most.  I am painfully aware of that fact.  Where I am presently, in my LBD journey, I can still control my temper, most of the time.  But, that control is weakening quickly and soon, snooty women like these two and others who think they are the "Landed Gentry" of the world, are going to suffer my verbal anger.

Enough said, since I am very upset and agitated.  

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  1. Hi, Don.

    As always, apologies for commenting so long after your post.

    I don't know if this thought might be helpful - but is it possible the old lady has lost her social filters?