Friday, December 18, 2015

Who is there to help me?

Since we retired, we have had a steady run of income reductions caused by the Federal Government.  For instance, OPM overpaid me for a year.  I kept telling them, but to no avail.  Then, THEY discovered the overpayment and all the sudden I was a dirty no good!  They docked me half of my reduced to normal retirement pay for three years!

Last year, we moved into Azalea Trace.  It is a continuing care retirement community to provide for our future health needs.  We took the entrance fee money out of my IRA.  That counts as income, so, this year, we have to pay $700+ more in Medicare Part B payments because we made too much last year.  I appealed, stating that it was a one year spike and provided the required documentation.   The Social Security Administration said, tough!!  You have to pay the $700 increase!!

Then, there is my ongoing appeal with the Veteran's Administration.  An appeal that will most likely never end.  Or, will end without me going the compensation I believe I deserve.

So now, out monthly budget is in shambles!  And I am upset, depressed, and overwhelmed.  There is no representative to turn too.  Our Congressman is worthless.  His name is Miller and he has yet to help me in anyway or even answer any questions I have sent him.

And before you yell at me, I have committed this to the Lord in Prayer.  Much Prayer!!  And I totally trust God to provide for us.  In the past, God has enabled me to make the way ahead.  Promotions, pay raises, extra jobs.  Now, I am helpless!!  I cannot go get a part time job, or ask for a pay raise.  And the President has decided, through manipulation of inflation numbers, to deny us COLA's on Social Security or Military Retirement.

This is a difficult time for us, and for me specially.  I am at the weakest I have ever been in my entire adult life.  So, I am upset and lost.

Still, I trust God for everything.  So, I will rebound.  One way or the other.

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