Friday, December 11, 2015

Filter Failure!

Today, a very left will, liberal, progressive, member of our retirement community, who has NEVER had a job except academia, questioned me about gun control as related to the Presidency.  I calmly educated this single minded slob that the Founding Fathers put the Second Amendment into the Constitution to ensure we were citizens and not subjects.  In other words, if the President went off the tracks the populace would be able to dethrone the self imposed king.  I also educated him on the way the Founding Fathers did NOT include "Obey the orders of the President of the United States.." in the Military Officer's Oath of office but did include that in the Enlisted persons Oath of Enlistment!  The reason is the same as the reason for the Second Amendment.  They wanted the "Landed Gentry" that were and are the Officer Corp to be able to dethrone the self imposed king without violating their Oath of Service.

He then brought this, up to then civil, discourse to dethroning a President Trump!!   I said it applaud to any President including the current President.  This mindless follower of the Socialist Party named  the Democrat Party, then went on to repeat all the talking points of how Great the Muslim Emperor is!!

That was when my social filters failed, BIG TIME!!  We were in the pharmacy and the lady who staffs the pharmacy is a wonderful individual and a good Christian lady.  I did everything I could to control my profanity.  I am not sure if I succeeded because I was in a blind rage.

I spent 40 years of my life serving our Nation, doing whatever the Country's Leadership told me to do.  I offered them my experience, my opinion, and my abilities.   But, after the discussion was over, I did what I was told.  This pies of garbage did nothing for this Nation and has poisoned the minds of many young people.

But moreover, I am very tired of the direction the Puppet Masters behind the curtain are taking our nation.  I believe the majority of Americans are silent about how they think the nation should move.  And their silence permits this takeover of our country by individuals whose only desire is to turn this nation into a Socialist prison where only those in power live a good life and the rest of us are enslaved SUBJECTS to them.

Furthermore, I am tired of being quiet over my disgust!!  So, that coupled with my disdain for this jerk and my filters failed.  It took ,e three hours in bed this afternoon to even get me to a point that I wanted to get up or talk to even my wife.

Now, to the LBD issues.  I am loosing my ability to suffer fools and someday, very soon, my filter failure may be be even more drastic.  I try not to watch or listen to politics on the television but my wife insists on watching politics on television.  So, she is causing some of my issues.

I have always been a fiery, hotheaded, loud, individual when it came to subjects I where I was passionate.  I have a very sharp division between  right and wrong.  And I will fight to ensure what I believe is right will prevail, regardless of any loss I might suffer.  But, I also had the ability to curb my actions and statements when I knew other would be harmed by my actions.  Now, that filter is not there.

Maybe I will move to a small house on a big piece of land and be a hermit!

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  1. Hi there, I'm following your blog because I believe my father has LBD. It is very helpful to me to read about your experience because I want to hear what it feels like from a first-hand perspective. I don't agree with your politics and probably religion, and neither would my dad, but regardless of that, I'm so grateful for your willingness to put everything out there. Thank you!! Thank you!! keep writing for as long as you can. You are helping more than you know.