Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A week in the Doctor's office

This is my week of medical appointments made longer because my neurologist just woke up and found out I have Lewy Body Dementia and I have Stiff Legs!!  I saw him on Monday.

He was amazed at how stiff my legs were and how that stiffness causes me to walk with weird leg movements.  So, he has ordered an MRI to determine if there are any physical reasons for my stiffness and weird walking gait.

I could save him the effort and my insurance companies the expense of this MRI by telling them it is the disease that causes this.  If it were physical or skeletal it would have broke by now!  But, medical science is enamored with their electronic devices and so are the insurance companies.  So, into the tube I go, on Thursday!

Then, today I saw my GP, who I really like.  She truly cares about me and for me.  This appointment was a normal, 3 month check up.  All my blood work looked good, and we mostly talked about the progression of my LBD.

We spent a long time discussing the impact of anxiety, depression, and the feeling of being worthless that I deal with everyday.  I had read an article in People about Robin Williams and how Lewy Body Dementia impacted him.   In the article, his wife said he was afraid he was loosing his mind!  He was always suffering from anxiety and depression.  He saw hallucinations and had difficulty discussing his issues and the world as he saw it.

Heck, that is how I feel everyday!!  But, it was enlightening for me to read what he experienced and knowing that he and I walked the same path.  Robin Williams committed suicide n=because he could not deal with his issues.  I understand that.  And my GP went to great ends to explain he had mental issues all his life.  I know that.  So have I.  But I don not intend to commit suicide.  Just the same, as a person without faith in God, what did he have to loose except a tortured existence.

Oh well, tomorrow, I have nothing to do,  Thursday it is in the "Tube", and Friday Azalea Trace will keep me busy.  I think I need to go back to work to get some rest!  

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